2016 & 2018

Volkswagen do Brasil

Volkswagen is the world’s largest automaker. In Brazil, the company recently embraced a movement called “New Volkswagen,” investing in innovative technology and creative communication.


We were tasked with “translating” Volkswagen using four immersive experiences for guests during the 2016 and 2018 Sao Paulo Auto Show.

We came up the following:


Inside Volkswagen’s VIP room, guests got to try out a virtual retail experience using Hololens, one of the best mixed reality tools available back then. In it, a virtual attendant would showcase the features of up! TSI in an original and unique manner. More than informing and entertaining, our goal was to change the perception people had about the future of retail (even Volkswagen executives and their most important guests) and show to them how artificial intelligence and expanded reality can bring the future into the present


Taking advantage of the launch of Saveiro Cross, we looked for an involving narrative that could convey what the line meant in the form of an unforgettable experience. Using HTC Vive and 4D effects, guests were transported to the edge of a photo-realistically beautiful canyon and tasked with retrieving the keys to the Saveiro that had been stolen by an eagle. In order to do so, they had to get across a very narrow rock climbing platform suspended 120 feet in the air, all in VR.


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TSI is a turbo engine that combines power and the most advanced technology Volkswagen has to offer. It introduces so much innovation that the only way to really understand its advantages is to look at it from the inside out. Therefore, we chose to showcase the TSI’s performance as an immersive experience. Using an Oculus Rift in a powerful G Force simulator, visitors were made into miniatures and taken on a trip across the engine itself.

4. #VW & VC

Using virtual reality and 4D effects, visitors were taken up to the Volkswagen Universe. It started off as a first-person stroll showing the birth of a Golf, the Volkswagen headquarters in Germany (Autostadt, in Wolfsburg) and finally the main assets of the company. At the end visitors were treated to a delicious surprise: the booth was handing out ice cream!

feel free to interact with the video below and splore the 360º of it


Due to the success of the 2016 facility, they have been remastered and translated into New Volkswagen vocabulary. In addition, we added to the event:


Visitors come across a huge wooden structure resembling the silhouette of a car. Before dressing the HTC, they have no idea what’s hidden in every corner of the Giant Polo. Dressed with the technology, they will be allowed to approach and see details “under the skin”, in motorization, suspension and transmission of the New Polo. Visitors will be positioned at points marked on the ground, where they can see each of these details.


In the center of a room with low and indirect light, a New Polo with matte adhesive becomes almost invisible to the naked eye. However, this reality will be altered – and augmented – drastically: initially positioned in front of the Novo Polo, the guests wear their HTC, and watch the lines of the New Polo being drawn, in natural scale, while listening in the ambient sound, JC Pavone himself explain, conceptually, how the development of the innovative design of the New Polo took place. Accompanying the audio, they go stay beside the car, where they are invited to take a step forward and touch the lines of the New Polo.


The guests will gather in front of the giant screen, where we will have a Kinect connected to the experience.In order of arrival, the guest can interact individually with the giant display. Before starting the game, the guest stands to read instructions on the gestures needed to control the panel. You can press the Start / Stop button; move the spindle and the accelerometer to the left and right; navigate the map and get the overview of all items, waving their hands to the sides.


In front of an LED panel that simulates the MQB production line, the visitor makes interactions in which they can perceive the modularity of the MQB platform, combining different types of embarked technology and finilizing of Volkswagen products.The interactions occur through real-time web connection with the visitor’s smartphone, or from gestures that they make with their head, which are perceived via head tracking. The car / platform assembly also moves, tracking the visitor’s body as they walk.


During the 10 days that the Sao Paulo Auto Show lasted, 17,000 people took part in at least one of our immersive experiences.


Since it seems no experience is complete until you get it out on social media, we created a hotsite where visitors could share a picture of themselves walking on our mixed reality canyon.


The hotsite had a conversion rate of 96%.


We also put 360-degree and standard versions of all the content up to be published on YouTube, Facebook, and other major websites.


All four experiences ended up being optimized after the event so Volkswagen could adapt and use them in other important events over the course of that year such as VW’s Driving Experience in 10 major cities of Brazil, as well as Volkswagen’s endomarketing meetings.


These experiences were conceived to be modular, and can be exported to other Latin American countries such as Bolivia and Argentina.

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