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UmanTech is committed to guaranteeing and preserving your secrecy and privacy, as it is our desire to establish a lasting and reliable relationship.

We explain in this Privacy Policy below how we collect, use, store your information that you entrust to us, and how we handle such information.

Acceptance of this Policy is a necessary and indispensable requirement for the use of our digital environments, platforms and applications managed by UmanTech.


We use all the information collected, whether via filling out, completing the registration or when browsing our website, for the following purposes: to fulfill the purpose for which the information was provided; improve and expand our product and service offerings, always seeking to customize them according to your preferences and expectations, publicizing the products and services that may be of interest to you, adapting them to your needs and preferences.

You will only receive emails, newsletters and promotional offers if you agree. We are against the indiscriminate sending of emails without your prior authorization (SPAM).

At no time do we ask for information of a financial nature, such as a credit card number, for example. Your CPF, CNPJ or other personal data will also be kept confidential and never disclosed without your authorization, except when required by law or court order. UmanTech does not send an email asking you to forward your registration data.

The more data about your profile you provide, the easier it will be for us to provide you with information that really interests you.

UmanTech is not responsible for the veracity of the personal information provided by users and we trust that all of them are true.


Your registration data may be used by UmanTech and partner companies for communications or other services that may be acquired through the use of our digital services or commercial promotions, with your prior authorization. At no time will your data be disclosed to third parties, except for partner companies that follow the same privacy policy established by us and relevant to the product with which you are interacting. If you are not interested in receiving such communications, you may, at any time. inform UmanTech and request the cancellation of these contacts. Such companies, in turn, have no right to share your personal data.

We ensure that all UmanTech employees, and suppliers with whom we work, are also required to comply with this Privacy Policy and, if they violate the practices described here, they will be subject to the penalties prescribed by civil and penal laws.


In our electronic communications, you will always find the option to stop sending new communications.


Umantech uses the technology of "cookies", to obtain traffic information and segment the audience, personalizing the content and / or services of the environment according to the characteristics and interests of the user, thus benefiting their navigation. "Cookies" are small text files with alphanumeric identifiers, transferred to your computer's hard drive by the browser you use to browse the Internet. These small files are used to recognize, track and store the user's Internet browsing. When this information is stored on your computer, our system recognizes the user and personalizes, whenever possible, the content according to your profile. The information contained in each user's "cookies" is also used to facilitate and expedite the filling out of forms.

To browse without using cookies you can configure your browser to reject all cookies, or you can configure your computer to inform you when a cookie is downloaded.


We seek to secure the personally identifiable information you provide to us. As secure as our system is, no security system is completely immune to attacks by third parties such as "hackers" or "crackers".

Therefore, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of our database and we cannot guarantee that the personally identifiable information you have provided cannot be intercepted when the transmission is made over the Internet.

UmanTech will not be held liable for damages that may result from the leakage of personal information by breach or breach of internet security barriers by third parties such as "hackers" or "crackers".

We also recommend that you do not reveal your password to access third parties. You can help us take care of your online security using complex passwords

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