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Gamaro Incorporadora

Gamaro Group’s mission is to develop cultural, social and real estate projects that inspire people to transform their reality in a positive manner.


With the development called THE PARK, Gamaro is proposing that people live inside a 25-square-meter park that is open to the public, and offers the best of technology and safety, allowing a transparent relationship among neighbors.


Interdependence, sustainability – respect for the environment with the recovery of native vegetation, sociability, interaction with the community, with the city and the economic activities–these are the values that guide THE PARK.

Gamaro - The Park

Gamaro - The Park

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Currently, the network works with over 115 different brands and has more than 50 years of history. Considering the sheer volume of content that has been produced and all the changes that took place over those 50 years, Globo felt that it was time to give the brand’s essence a bodily form through an accessible and intuitive guide.


Customers arriving at the development are welcomed by a broker that fails to engage them emotionally. This emotional aspect is the most important for someone buying an apartment. Therefore, before anything else, the presentation needs to be persuasive. With that in mind, we created a metaphor-based on an amusement park attraction, since we believe there’s no easier way to drive something home than through entertainment.


Our idea was to immerse people in this reality and, with the help of the former inmates, create a model that was true to the actual experience.

We replicated it onto VR

Get customers out of the chaos that is the city and make them feel the sensations of living at the development: peace and quiet, a sense of community, modernity, nature and convenience. To this end, we designed three different experiences that work as a decompression chamber apart from the real world to take customers to a different environment:


As the opening experience, the Tunnel is intended to immerse visitors in the reality of the development, giving off a sense of peace and quiet. This interactive experience consists of two environments: Water: a waterfall, a river, flowers, rocks and fish. The waterfall on the wall interacts with people, displaying their silhouettes. The river interacts with the water course following people’s steps, while the fish follow visitors around. This environment has its own audio design, associated with water, lasting for 2 minutes. Forest: a grassy floor, plenty of leaves and flowers, and a thick forest wall. On the ground, bouquets lit up as people walk by. As visitors get close to the wall, fireflies show up and follow them left to right. This place also has its own sound design, which lasts 2 minutes. The transition between the environments is done using animating leaves, accompanied by the sound of wind covering one environment while the next is being revealed.

gamaro-8 (1).jpg

Introducing a fun, thrilling and unique experience: a magic elevator that goes into space. An immersive experience simulating a panoramic elevator. Instead of going up to the next floor, visitors are surprised with a trip inside a space capsule. Everything is integrated: the video wall system, 5.1 surround sound, the doors, the lights, the buttons, and the floor, which, using a vibrating platform in sync with the video time code, rumbles during those more intense moments being shown on the video wall.


An emotional message to visitors showing how life might be 20 years from now at the development, and how modernity is already upon us. The integrated experience starts off with people sitting down on the apartment chairs and putting the VR headsets on. The goal here is to give an idea, in a game-like manner, of what the all-white and unfurnished apartment on the “44th floor cloud” can change into by the near-future year 2038. Surrounded by cutting edge technology to help THE PARK’s future residents with their daily chores, this experiences will take customers on a fun and charming scenario while opening their minds as to the potential found at the development.

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