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Pandurata – the group created to incorporate all Bauducco brands – is the country’s largest baked products company and the world’s largest panettone producer. The maker of Bauducco, Visconti, and Tommy brand products has a joint venture with Hershey’s Chocolate and is an Ovaltine brand distributor.

Bauducco Farm

Bauducco Farm

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Develop an augmented reality application that featured educational and game-like experiences for children, targeting the Bauducco Children’s Line. For this, we had to replace a licensed character that was already part of the brand experience and create new ones.


We created a fully interactive environment using constructive stories starring the new characters. Based on the concept of a “Bauducco Farm,” we created nine characters designed after the main ingredients found in the children’s line of products.

All of these characters are custom made, adapted to appear in selfies, and each has a game that suits the way they are represented in children’s diets.

The visual identity was developed in partnership with Narita Design & Strategy, taking care to keep the brand’s relevance and essence intact at the PoS despite not using the licensed character.


VuMark technology allows a personalized design for each one of the characters while coding data to serve as an augmented reality object. With a smartphone camera, the codes printed on Bauducco Children’s Line products are scanned for the augmented reality experience to begin.


Using this feature also proved effective since it ensured a simple method to code data and allow the augmented reality experiences without compromising the look of the product.


This feature allows the management of files such as images, sound,s 3D objects, and other elements in a way that not all of the app’s contents are required for it to run. Instead only the essential files for the games to run with quality are downloaded.


The client required all user data collected to be stored in its own server. Therefore, we created our own analytics tool. This gave us more freedom to process data and make any comparison using statistics, even from finished graphs and reports. This allowed the client to compare data that is different from what was initially expected, as without access to raw data that would have proved impossible.


50,000 downloads, with 2,000 a 2,500 downloads every week.

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